Tuesday, August 29, 2017

animals i find interesting

Hi I am going to tell you 7 animals that interest me and what i mean by that is animals that have amazing facts so lets get started.

number 1
Basilisk lizard
 fact 1:Basilisk lizards are able to crawl,walk on water and climb so they can get away from predator fast.
fact 2:For Basilisk lizards to walk on water they need to get on their 2 hind feet and he has to lift them so they don't sink.
fact 3:Basilisk lizards can not run on the ocean because they would get tired so they stay by lakes or rivers.

number 2
Box turtle
fact 1:The Box turtle is a turtle that tucks his head and limbs into his shell.
fact 2:The box turtle is a land turtle that lives around lakes.
fact 3:The box turtle is a herbivore which means he eats leaves and plants

number 3
fact 1:Falcons have amazing eye sight they could see a mice running into tall grass from super high.
fact 2:Falcons have a special attack when trying to catch prey it is when they bring their wings onto there chest and then dives from the sky then pulls out its wings and grabs its prey.
fact 3:Falcons and all birds of prey are also called raptors because they are speedy like a raptor and can see far like a raptor.

number 4
Manta ray
fact 1:Manta ray are the birds of the sea because they flap his wings to move around.
fact 2:Manta rays help a kind of fish to travel the fish has a sticky head to attache to great white sharks and manta rays. 
fact 3:Manta rays eyes are on his side of his head so he can look for predators when swimming.

number 5
fact 1:Humming birds don't flap there wings like normal birds they flap them in a infinity shape.
fact 2:With the infinity shape wing flap they are able to fly backwards,forwards,left,right even upside down.
fact 3:A Humming bird drinks red flower necktie because it can see red very clearly.

number 6
Spider Monkeys
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fact 1:Spider monkeys arms are so long they can climb to the top of trees.
fact 2:Spider monkeys arms are so long they have to swing them in the air when on the ground.
fact 3:Spider monkeys clime trees because there food is in the trees and the trees are safe from Jaguar but not from hawks

number 7
fact 1:Geckos are able to climb glass and wood to get away from predators.
fact 2:Geckos can climb walls because of these little sticky tips on the bottom of his foot.
fact 3:All of a geckos fat goes to there tail i don't now why it dose that.


  1. Such a cool, informative blog post Zane. I like how you have included some facts about each animal.

  2. Wow that is cool do a anther one I loved it

  3. Such a fascinating blog post. I never knew that hummingbirds don't flap their wings like other birds. Maybe next time can you add a few capitals?
    From Christina.