Friday, May 15, 2015

trench letter

I am blogging these because it is a really amazing piece of writing
we were learning to make our trench letter look that it is happening right now

Dear Mum & Dad

As I am writing these letters it is raining like a storm. There is thunder that sounds like bombs going through the sky.

Guns are firing like crazy and there are bodies everywhere. The bodies look like carpets just lying on the ground. The bodies are still.
But then the guns stopped. It is silent. I can only hear the howling wind and the rain.
I don’t want to go out so I used a pair of binoculars to see if I can spot the enemy.
When I looked I saw the enemy in their tents. They are spying on us to see if we hop out of our trench.
I can hear the younger soldiers crying themselves to sleep. I feel a little bit sad. I feel like I want to go home.
When the rain stopped it was all muddy, sticky and disgusting.
I just want to come home to see Mum and Dad.

I miss you.
Love from Zane


  1. Zane you really made a picture in my head of what it is like in the war with carefully chosen vocabulary. Well done bud!

  2. Great trench letter Zane! You have really captured what it was like in the war. Keep up the great work!