Monday, September 18, 2017

calendar art

Hello today I am going to tell you about my calendar art and why you should buy one.
You should buy one because of how it looks. I tried to make it look like a savanna sun rise with a rhino in front of it. I was going to make it so while the sky goes lower it would get darker but I didn't know how to do it so I just made the bottom all red and that black at the bottom is the grass.The rhino was bigger then I thought but I made it work like with the red. My favourite part is the sky. It didn't go how I wanted it but it is still my favorite part.

Here is my calendar art; how it looked like when it was done . 
Now if you what to get one, you can get one at the office and for only $12

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

animals i find interesting

Hi I am going to tell you 7 animals that interest me and what i mean by that is animals that have amazing facts so lets get started.

number 1
Basilisk lizard
 fact 1:Basilisk lizards are able to crawl,walk on water and climb so they can get away from predator fast.
fact 2:For Basilisk lizards to walk on water they need to get on their 2 hind feet and he has to lift them so they don't sink.
fact 3:Basilisk lizards can not run on the ocean because they would get tired so they stay by lakes or rivers.

number 2
Box turtle
fact 1:The Box turtle is a turtle that tucks his head and limbs into his shell.
fact 2:The box turtle is a land turtle that lives around lakes.
fact 3:The box turtle is a herbivore which means he eats leaves and plants

number 3
fact 1:Falcons have amazing eye sight they could see a mice running into tall grass from super high.
fact 2:Falcons have a special attack when trying to catch prey it is when they bring their wings onto there chest and then dives from the sky then pulls out its wings and grabs its prey.
fact 3:Falcons and all birds of prey are also called raptors because they are speedy like a raptor and can see far like a raptor.

number 4
Manta ray
fact 1:Manta ray are the birds of the sea because they flap his wings to move around.
fact 2:Manta rays help a kind of fish to travel the fish has a sticky head to attache to great white sharks and manta rays. 
fact 3:Manta rays eyes are on his side of his head so he can look for predators when swimming.

number 5
fact 1:Humming birds don't flap there wings like normal birds they flap them in a infinity shape.
fact 2:With the infinity shape wing flap they are able to fly backwards,forwards,left,right even upside down.
fact 3:A Humming bird drinks red flower necktie because it can see red very clearly.

number 6
Spider Monkeys
Free photo: Spider Monkey, Zoo, Monkey, Primate - Free Image on ...

fact 1:Spider monkeys arms are so long they can climb to the top of trees.
fact 2:Spider monkeys arms are so long they have to swing them in the air when on the ground.
fact 3:Spider monkeys clime trees because there food is in the trees and the trees are safe from Jaguar but not from hawks

number 7
fact 1:Geckos are able to climb glass and wood to get away from predators.
fact 2:Geckos can climb walls because of these little sticky tips on the bottom of his foot.
fact 3:All of a geckos fat goes to there tail i don't now why it dose that.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Hello today I am going to show you a bunch of different reptiles well 10 to be correct so lets get it started.

Basilisk lizard
fact 1: Basilisk lizards are the only reptile that can walk on water.
fact 2: Basilisk lizards only walk on water to get away from predators.
fact 3: Basilisk lizards can only walk on water for a little, only long enough to get away from predators.

fact 1:Geckos are able to stick to glass because of these hundreds of tiny hairs that stick and to unstick them the gecko lefts it's toes backwards.
fact 2:Geckos can pop off there tails if attacked and that is good because when they eat instead of fat going to his belly it goes to his tail.

Armadillo lizard
fact 1:Armadillo lizards are called that because when attack it grabs its tail with it's mouth to protect his soft belly with its hard spike back.
fact 2:When the Armadillo lizard grabs its tail it is covered with spikes so i wonder how it doesn't hurt him when he grabs it.

 Thorny devil
fact 1:Thorny devils are called that because of all the thousands of spikes on him.
fact 2:Thorny devils don't drink like us they have get water on there back that flows down to the sides of there mouths because of there scales.

komodo dragon
fact 1: Komodo dragons are the largest lizard in the world and is able to eat a wild pig.
fact 2: Komodo dragons have venom to kill animal it eats and that would stop the wild pigs from kicking.

Frilled lizard
fact 1:Frilled lizards survive by opening his frill and his mouth wide to look bigger and then hisses like a dilophosaurus.
fact 2:When it is mating season male Frilled lizards will open there frill when seen but if another male whats the female it will open his frill and they will fight for who gets her.

Saltwater croc
fact 1:When Saltwater crocs are fully grown they can be 7 meters long that is the biggest croc in the world.
fact 2:In mating season male crocs will fight each other for a female.

Horned Chameleon
fact 1:Horned chameleon is called that because of the 3 horns on his head and he uses them to fight for a female.
fact 2:Horned chameleons and over chameleon have 2 fetchers in common they can change colors and there eyes can look different ways like one can look backwards and one can look forwards.

fact 1:Anacondas are able to swallow a whole crocodile.
fact 2:The Anacondas can kill what they eat by suffocating them in their mouth
fact 3:To digest a whole animal the Anaconda's body goes smaller and smaller and that squeezes the animal.

Leatherback sea turtle
fact 1: Leatherback sea turtles are called that because there shell is not bumpy it is smooth like leather.
fact 2: Leatherback sea turtles use there leathery shell so water can just wash right over it.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Procrastination gaming

Hello today I am going to show you the channel Me and my friends run it is called Procrastination Gaming I have only done 2 videos with Oscar E.The first one is Prison Escape a game in Roblox when you can either be a cop or a prisoner.As a cop you get a gun,handcuff and a taser with those weapons you have to stop the prisoners from escaping and if you are a prisoner you have to try and escape the prison and you can some times find weapons like hammers and that.The second one is work at a pizza place it is when there is 6 jobs and 1 extra the 6 jobs are cashier, cook, pizza boxer, deliver, supplier and manager and the extra is break when your on your break.So if you like the videos subscribe to me and my friend's channel.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


in the holidays i went to owlcatraz and Oscar j's birthday i will first tell you about owlcatraz. it is a place where you can see moreporks, peacocks, glowworms and more my two favorite things there were the peacock because i have never seen one and the moreporks because we were able to see them up close and flying around there were also wekas not the bug weka the bird weka. the thing that was sad was that we could not take photos of the moreporks and glowworms.when we were there it started to rain so we didn't get to go to the farm part of it where there is like pigs,donkeys and stuff like that.

now i will tell you about Oscar j's was on the first day of the holidays at the party was me,Aston and Oscar e the present i got him was wet heads a game that is really good for summer and Aston and Oscar both got him a iTunes card.when we all got there we all did his x-box 360 for until it was night ones it turned night we did hide and seek tag well Oscars dad got a fire started so we can cook marshmallows well Oscar e, Oscar j and Aston because i only got to cook 3 marshmallows because the 3 i cooked first burnt and the next ones i was going to cook Oscar e cooked them for me when i said not to but except for that it was a fun the morning i was the first on awake then Oscar j then Aston and last was Oscar e when we all were a wake me and Oscar e played the x-box and Oscar j and Aston played on Oscar e's computer and we played on those for a long time and then we watched Lego batman and then after that we watch a movie about a huge storm hitting america and then we all went home.
here are some photos of the animals at owlcatraz

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

quick write

hi today i am blogging a story of Dr Zane

Dr Zane was in his room watching the avengers he though how fun it would be if he was a super hero so he got to work on a potion a potion that will give him 3 random super powers he ingredient left he needed a drop of super blood so he went to the avengers tower with his potion and syringe and went to spiderman and got a pinch of his blood and putted it in the potion.he got back to his lab as fast as posable and drunk the hole thing and he felt some thing weird inside him he just whated to test them first he had a anvil he was able to lift it over his head he had super strengthen,then he though of flying and he did not touch the ground he could fly and then he had 9 anvils over his head and dropped them on his head he survived he had inviolability and that day forwards he was named galactit

crazy shoes

on the 30th of may parkvale school could walk to school in crazy shoes here are some crazy shoes i made

multi shoes
these shoes come with 2 things a controller and the shoe the shoe can do 6 things make you fly,shoots fire,shoots water,shoots light sabers,shoots TNT and shoots lightning so they are made for if you get attacked.

taser shoes
these shoe can pull out tasers with a press of a button but only press when you kick

iron man shoes
these shoes put a whole iron sute and are made for if you get attack

ant man shoes
these shoes can make you be like ant man because these shoe can make you grow and shrink but you stay big or small for 24 hours.

hammer shoes
these shoes summon a hammer and then bangs it on the person that is attacking you's foot for if you get attacked