Wednesday, May 31, 2017


hi i am going to tell you about reptiles and why they are so cool

so let us start with the snake here are some facts

  1. the biggest snake in the world is the anaconda of south america which is 10 meters long
  2. when the cobra attacks it raises its head and spreads flaps of skin to look scary
  3. did you know hundreds of rattlesnakes snuggle together underground to sleep in the winter
  4. do you wounder how snakes bend and twist it is because they have millions of tiny bones in his back that looks like a chain
  5. do you know why snakes stare because they have no eyelids so they have a see through scale
now for the biggest reptile group the lizards

  1. chameleon's sticky-tipped tongue is longer then it's whole body
  2. geckos are the same thing as a snake but they have to lick there eyes to keep them wet
  3. the fastest lizard in the world is the north american lizard called the six lined lizard
  4. the oldest lizard ever lived was about 100 years ago the komodo dragon
  5. lizards can snap off there tail to wiggle and confuse the attacker
turtles and tortoise

  1. turtles have no teeth but they have a beak and the alligator snapping turtle uses that to bite prey
  2. there is one turtle that breathes through a snorkel and that turtle is called  the shiny soft shelled turtle
  3. did you know that turtles have been swimming for about 200 million years
  4. tortoises live for ages the oldest lived up to 152 years old
  5. did you know that turtles shells are joined to there skeleton
crocodiles and allagators

  1. when crocodile dive they have special flaps to block water from going into his nose,ears,throat and extra eye lids like goggles
  2. when one crocodile makes a kill 40 friends come to the fest
  3. crocodiles let plovers eat old food and little insects
  4. alligators eat stones which keeps them low in the water

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

blocking dead

hi guys i am going to be talking about a minecraft minigame blocking dead i got inspired to make these blog post because of an animation hop you like the blog post.

to play blocking dead you need a computer,minecraft on the computer  and max volume and now you are ready to play the blocking dead it is when you have to collect guns,swords,med-kits and drumsticks.with all that,you will survive aganse 10000 zombies not just normal zombies speedy zombies,jumping zombies and if you get killed by a zombies you die well a zombie with your head on try to kill the over players.blocking dead is my favorite minecraft minigame even those i have never played blocking dead i watch tons of videos on YouTube and most of them survive.

that was the 2017 minecraft blog post here is the creators and the video
creators                   | video                    
black plasma studio| full blocking dead

Monday, March 20, 2017

Camp Memery

These is my camp memory's it is about all the things I did at camp it was super fun my Favorite thing at camp was Kayaking,Caving and cooking.I wish I could have done kayaking more than I did,we only did it about 3 or 4 times.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

first 2017 blogpost

today i am blogging my first 2017 blog post  and it is my about me writing.
here it is

on the about me writing we had to put 4 things about us here are some of the ideas what we like,our amazing family,dreams,3 adjectives.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My waka

Today my blog is about my waka art writing

  • The marvel symbol represents me and how much i like superheros.
  • The minecraft and roblox symbol represents me and how much i like gaming
  • The paint pallet and brush represents me and how i like doing art.
  • The moosecraft name and shark stands for my two favourite youtubers 09sharkboy and moosecraft.
  • The star stands for my cat named simba who got ran over in the christmas holidays


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

PE blog

These is my PE blog post. I am doing these about athletics day.

What we did 

At  athletics day, Yr 4,5 and 6's did different athletics activities like high jump, long jump, hurdles, running and throwing. The first one I did was long jump. Then I did hurdles. Then all the others. My favorite one was high jump because at  high jump, you learn to jump higher than ever.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Art blogpost

This is my art. It is ant man,giant man and Scott. They have different strengths and sizes.The first one is giant man. He is 30 meters high and he could probably take down glaciates.The second one is Scott, he is the person inside the suit. The last one is ant man. He is the size of a ant and he has a pet ant called Manty.