Thursday, April 30, 2015

In term two we are telling our teacher what they don't know about us here is an example.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

camp post

                                        DAY ONE

when we were going to camp we stop at a park called Puketapu park i went on every thing there was a flying fox,a seesaw, swings and a tire swing.before we went on the playground we had to go on the grass to eat morning tea.after morning tea we code play I played on the tire swing,flying fox and the swings.after play time we got back on the ,long long road.when we got to camp we unpacked our stuff mostly our sleeping gear like pillow,blankets and teddy.after every one got jugged we did our first ever challenge it was 2 challenges 1 was to make a Fireplace to light the fire on 2 was to make dinner.wene we were done each one we peaked up our dinner and cooked it on the FIRE.for dinner we had potato,buns,sparsity,meatballs and smores.