Wednesday, April 5, 2017

blocking dead

hi guys i am going to be talking about a minecraft minigame blocking dead i got inspired to make these blog post because of an animation hop you like the blog post.

to play blocking dead you need a computer,minecraft on the computer  and max volume and now you are ready to play the blocking dead it is when you have to collect guns,swords,med-kits and drumsticks.with all that,you will survive aganse 10000 zombies not just normal zombies speedy zombies,jumping zombies and if you get killed by a zombies you die well a zombie with your head on try to kill the over players.blocking dead is my favorite minecraft minigame even those i have never played blocking dead i watch tons of videos on YouTube and most of them survive.

that was the 2017 minecraft blog post here is the creators and the video
creators                   | video                    
black plasma studio| full blocking dead


  1. That sounds so fun good work I love how you have to suvive.

  2. Good describing Zane keep up the good work

  3. That sounds so fun I think I might want to play that.

  4. that sounds very cool I don't really play minecraft but now I might play that game that minigame sounds cool