Wednesday, June 28, 2017

quick write

hi today i am blogging a story of Dr Zane

Dr Zane was in his room watching the avengers he though how fun it would be if he was a super hero so he got to work on a potion a potion that will give him 3 random super powers he ingredient left he needed a drop of super blood so he went to the avengers tower with his potion and syringe and went to spiderman and got a pinch of his blood and putted it in the potion.he got back to his lab as fast as posable and drunk the hole thing and he felt some thing weird inside him he just whated to test them first he had a anvil he was able to lift it over his head he had super strengthen,then he though of flying and he did not touch the ground he could fly and then he had 9 anvils over his head and dropped them on his head he survived he had inviolability and that day forwards he was named galactit

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  1. Great post.I know which super powers I would have immortality, I could not fell and I could turn in to eney life form.