Monday, July 31, 2017

Procrastination gaming

Hello today I am going to show you the channel Me and my friends run it is called Procrastination Gaming I have only done 2 videos with Oscar E.The first one is Prison Escape a game in Roblox when you can either be a cop or a prisoner.As a cop you get a gun,handcuff and a taser with those weapons you have to stop the prisoners from escaping and if you are a prisoner you have to try and escape the prison and you can some times find weapons like hammers and that.The second one is work at a pizza place it is when there is 6 jobs and 1 extra the 6 jobs are cashier, cook, pizza boxer, deliver, supplier and manager and the extra is break when your on your break.So if you like the videos subscribe to me and my friend's channel.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


in the holidays i went to owlcatraz and Oscar j's birthday i will first tell you about owlcatraz. it is a place where you can see moreporks, peacocks, glowworms and more my two favorite things there were the peacock because i have never seen one and the moreporks because we were able to see them up close and flying around there were also wekas not the bug weka the bird weka. the thing that was sad was that we could not take photos of the moreporks and glowworms.when we were there it started to rain so we didn't get to go to the farm part of it where there is like pigs,donkeys and stuff like that.

now i will tell you about Oscar j's was on the first day of the holidays at the party was me,Aston and Oscar e the present i got him was wet heads a game that is really good for summer and Aston and Oscar both got him a iTunes card.when we all got there we all did his x-box 360 for until it was night ones it turned night we did hide and seek tag well Oscars dad got a fire started so we can cook marshmallows well Oscar e, Oscar j and Aston because i only got to cook 3 marshmallows because the 3 i cooked first burnt and the next ones i was going to cook Oscar e cooked them for me when i said not to but except for that it was a fun the morning i was the first on awake then Oscar j then Aston and last was Oscar e when we all were a wake me and Oscar e played the x-box and Oscar j and Aston played on Oscar e's computer and we played on those for a long time and then we watched Lego batman and then after that we watch a movie about a huge storm hitting america and then we all went home.
here are some photos of the animals at owlcatraz