Friday, May 22, 2015

i am blogging these because it has some funny stuff at the end and some interesting words

BAM! I was riding my scooter home from school with my Mum,Brother and Oscar.Well I was riding my scooter not looking at the cobblestone(concrete)there was pebbles in the way.I didn't notice the pebbles until my front wheel hit a pebble.I landed face first on the cobblestone right in front of somebody driveway.  As my face was dripping with blood all dark red.  I had pebbles all over my face an orange police car came my mum said even the police was worried about me. When a lady came she let me go into the Chatham club.While I was in the Chatham club house I had to put a warm towel on my face just to dry the blood. When the warm towel was done my face felt so itchy and dry.when I got out of the Chatham house I got to have the warm towel until my face didn't bleed anymore and when I didn't need the towel my mum had to wash it and give it back.I don’t have any scars, so that a relief. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

trench letter

I am blogging these because it is a really amazing piece of writing
we were learning to make our trench letter look that it is happening right now

Dear Mum & Dad

As I am writing these letters it is raining like a storm. There is thunder that sounds like bombs going through the sky.

Guns are firing like crazy and there are bodies everywhere. The bodies look like carpets just lying on the ground. The bodies are still.
But then the guns stopped. It is silent. I can only hear the howling wind and the rain.
I don’t want to go out so I used a pair of binoculars to see if I can spot the enemy.
When I looked I saw the enemy in their tents. They are spying on us to see if we hop out of our trench.
I can hear the younger soldiers crying themselves to sleep. I feel a little bit sad. I feel like I want to go home.
When the rain stopped it was all muddy, sticky and disgusting.
I just want to come home to see Mum and Dad.

I miss you.
Love from Zane

Friday, May 8, 2015

week 3

I am blogging this because it will tell you what school was like 100 YEARS AGO.
we were learning to listen to a voice tell us what school was like 100 YEARS AGO.
What was school like 100 years ago?

Use this link to find 8 items and say what they were used for in schools 100 years ago - listen to the audio and look at the picture.

What it was used for - some description about that item
eg. British Empire Map
this map was used for geography lessons - the children had to remember country names and point to them on the map
2. dunce's cap
Children had to sit in the corner wearing the dunce's cap as a punishment for making a mistake or forgetting a lesson.
3. blackboard
After neatly copying down their lesson from the board, the class would be asked to chant it word-for-word from memory!

4. Winter warmer

Classrooms were very large and children who sat at the
back of the classroom would often still be cold!
5. I got my eye on you
Teachers sat on tall chairs so they could monitor the entire classroom. Class sizes were often very large, sometimes with more than 60 pupils.
6. ink and pen
The ink was poured into the inkwells on the children's desks.
7. clean slate
Children spat on their slates to rub out any mistakes they had made. Learning to write on slates was much cheaper than using copy books for writing.
8. god saved the king
In 1917 George changed his family name to Windsor. He got rid of his old family name, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, because he thought it sounded too German.