Friday, June 5, 2015

i am blogging these because it was fun to make my own made up story
we are learning to write  a made up story about what ever we what I choose a made up minecraft

for an example

One blocky night all the steves were sleeping.At deadmans swamp a little egg as green as the swamp itself. Inside of the egg two layers of shell lived a small slimeball but inside the slimeball lived a legend. One raining day in a village of blocks lived villagers beyond. In the village there was two libraries, A church, A bakery and villager houses.

One night a group of three villagers ran into the dark oak forest on the way a witch hut came in the distant. Villager 1 said “We need to kill her she will drop what we need to go and make the slime grab your diamond swords boys were going in!”

CRASH!!! SMASH!!! Went the window and door. “Give us the?PIG oink trot trot what was a pig doing in heeeeere”. Look out behind you whaaaat SLASH!! A potion slashed on villager 2. The potion was a harming potion it killed villager 2.

Noooooooooooooooo!!!Get her Punch! Punch! Slice! Slie!
Did she drop it? “Let me see I have bones, potions”.
“Aha here we go the slime block so lets go back and start the ceremony yaaaaay!!!”
Let the ceremony began.
“Now while the children  are playing who has the beacon?”
“me me I have it”.
“Give it  to me please”.
“So to make the slime king we need a beacon, the slime block, a block of diamond and a raw salmon so to build it is beacon at the bottom, two blocks of nothing on top”
“Oh no avachat the village slime king is here”.
“Guards ATTACK!
Punch! Punch! Kick! Kick! Slice! Slice!.
“Um mm King Slime King wants to speak to you”
“Tell him i’ll be there”
“OK king”
“Slime king the king well see you in a bet”
“I'm here” (speak in game voice)
Ready? Fight!
Punch pow.
Whos the winner... and it is King.
Done and done we will never see a slime ever again.
And that is the story of the slime.

mind blowing isn't it?


  1. cool as writing zane I how you made up how you can make slimes with no sparn eggs

  2. wow nice is there going to be a second part please make a second one with the steves please buddy