Sunday, June 21, 2015

Week 9 - Free Choice Sunday at MT Bruce

I am blogging these because
On Sunday I went to MT Bruce. At MT Bruce there is a cafe, a kiwi house. In the kiwi house there was a white kiwi and a brown kiwi, a kokako, and a video of how the moas died. There was also some cages that hold birds like stichbirds, kaka and this insist in a cage. I saw a NZpigeon. really I did it was so AMAZING!!!! 

Do you know how big the eels are? Well they are giants they are as long as your leg. After looking at all the birds and eels I went to the gift shop at the gift shop. I got a picture of a kokako and my brother Ryan got a NZ falcon specking teddy.

(here are some pictures of MT Bruce and the birds)

Image result for bird eye view of mt bruceImage result for bird eye view of mt bruce

(here is the map of MT Bruce)


  1. Awesome post Zane I reckon you should be blogger of the week

  2. Mt Bruce how cool it looks like you had an awesome time there. Your so lucky you got to see a rare white kiwi

  3. Mt Bruce mast have been so mach fun I wish I could go there. You are so lucky that you got to see rear wight kiwi.
    keep up the great woke.