Friday, May 22, 2015

i am blogging these because it has some funny stuff at the end and some interesting words

BAM! I was riding my scooter home from school with my Mum,Brother and Oscar.Well I was riding my scooter not looking at the cobblestone(concrete)there was pebbles in the way.I didn't notice the pebbles until my front wheel hit a pebble.I landed face first on the cobblestone right in front of somebody driveway.  As my face was dripping with blood all dark red.  I had pebbles all over my face an orange police car came my mum said even the police was worried about me. When a lady came she let me go into the Chatham club.While I was in the Chatham club house I had to put a warm towel on my face just to dry the blood. When the warm towel was done my face felt so itchy and dry.when I got out of the Chatham house I got to have the warm towel until my face didn't bleed anymore and when I didn't need the towel my mum had to wash it and give it back.I don’t have any scars, so that a relief. 

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