Monday, July 31, 2017

Procrastination gaming

Hello today I am going to show you the channel Me and my friends run it is called Procrastination Gaming I have only done 2 videos with Oscar E.The first one is Prison Escape a game in Roblox when you can either be a cop or a prisoner.As a cop you get a gun,handcuff and a taser with those weapons you have to stop the prisoners from escaping and if you are a prisoner you have to try and escape the prison and you can some times find weapons like hammers and that.The second one is work at a pizza place it is when there is 6 jobs and 1 extra the 6 jobs are cashier, cook, pizza boxer, deliver, supplier and manager and the extra is break when your on your break.So if you like the videos subscribe to me and my friend's channel.

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