Friday, May 8, 2015

week 3

I am blogging this because it will tell you what school was like 100 YEARS AGO.
we were learning to listen to a voice tell us what school was like 100 YEARS AGO.
What was school like 100 years ago?

Use this link to find 8 items and say what they were used for in schools 100 years ago - listen to the audio and look at the picture.

What it was used for - some description about that item
eg. British Empire Map
this map was used for geography lessons - the children had to remember country names and point to them on the map
2. dunce's cap
Children had to sit in the corner wearing the dunce's cap as a punishment for making a mistake or forgetting a lesson.
3. blackboard
After neatly copying down their lesson from the board, the class would be asked to chant it word-for-word from memory!

4. Winter warmer

Classrooms were very large and children who sat at the
back of the classroom would often still be cold!
5. I got my eye on you
Teachers sat on tall chairs so they could monitor the entire classroom. Class sizes were often very large, sometimes with more than 60 pupils.
6. ink and pen
The ink was poured into the inkwells on the children's desks.
7. clean slate
Children spat on their slates to rub out any mistakes they had made. Learning to write on slates was much cheaper than using copy books for writing.
8. god saved the king
In 1917 George changed his family name to Windsor. He got rid of his old family name, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, because he thought it sounded too German.

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