Thursday, August 6, 2015

Oscar E birthday party

After rugby me, Lachlan, Oscar E and Bodie we went to  pippes (not his little sister) for dinner. I got garlic bread as a pizza and a fanta for my drink. At pippins Oscar opened his presents. I got him a mix and match Jurassic world. Lachlan got him a giant velociraptor toy head and Bodie got him an apple gift card (not i-pads and stuff). After dinner we went to Oscars house to have some cake and I think the cake was really cool looking it had stegosauruses, Brontosaurus and a volcano made from coco papas. After we all had cake we watched the amazing spiderman. Then it was time for a pillow war. For the winner of the pillow war I was the winner every body fall to the ground. In the morning I was the only one up so I got a pillow and smash! I hit Oscar in the head but he did not wake up. After the rugby game we were going to go to the pools but there was swimming lessons so we when to a cafe for lunch. I got a cookie, Lachlan and Oscar got pancakes and Bodie got a small cake. After we went to lazer force. The score was Oscar and Bodie won the first and all of us won the next one. After that it was time to go home and take a break from all that.

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