Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Holiday blog post

A trip to Palmerston North

These is my holiday blog post.
In the week before the holidays my sister was here for 2 weeks, which means she was here for one week of my holidays. On that one week, we played poke card and I won the first round and lost the second. Then on Sunday afternoon after my mum and dad's worked at the farmers market, we left to Palmerston North. When we got to Palmerston North, it was almost night time so we stayed the night for tea. We went to Chinaworld where you can order from the menu or chose from the station. Then we went to go drop off my sister but mum only did it. So when my mum was at the university, me, my brother and my dad were watching the Block but an ad showed up about a movie called "Light's out." After that ad, I got really scared.
In the morning we went to go and have breakfast. We went to McDonalds for breakfast. I had pancakes/hotcakes and a hot chocolate. After breakfast we went home. The trip took 2 hours to get there and back!

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