Sunday, November 8, 2015

I am blogging these because I did really good on it and it is funny to read
we were learning to persuade the reader. e.p we should not have no uniforms.

GOAL:Stay in the right tense
video games should come alive

Video games should come alive because we will have real life heros. For example, pacman and sonic save the world from ghost and egg man. If we have people like that we will never have criminals ever again. If we have heros we won’t have people robbing banks because they will be caught right away. Therefore, videogames should come alive.

With video games coming to life that means you could play the games for real. This helps because you don’t have to waste your money buying the games, because you can play them in town. if video games come alive you don’t have to wait in a long line until you get into the arcade you can just play in the streets and roads.

Another reason why video games should come alive is we could play the games for real what I mean by that is that you could use the buildings as the walls from pacman and you could watch pacman play the game that is why video games should come alive. If we have the games we could have people playing the games going into the maze of the pacman and the track of sonic.

My last reason why video games should come alive is with guys like pacman and sonic we don’t have to waste energy on cars and if we have pacman and sonic we could ride pacman into battle and then the prison that they go in will be pacmans mouth.If video games come alive we will not need to pay for oil because pacman does not need oil.

Do you really think video game should come alive?will they should come alive. I have proven this because we can have heroes,We can play them for real and we don’t have to waste money on oil.Did you know that pacman can eat anything?

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